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Digital Smart Showers, the future of showering.

What are digital smart showers and how do they work? 

A digital shower consists of a digital processor box, a control unit and either single or dual outlets. The temperature and flow of the shower is controlled remotely, by a separate control unit which can either be located in your shower, or elsewhere in the bathroom. The control units communicate with the shower either via a cable, or wireless technology. One of the main advantages of digital showers is that they offer incredibly easy installation. The processor box can be located anywhere up to 10m away from the shower itself - this is handy for when a pumped processor is required, meaning it can be installed in the loft to keep noise to a minimum. 
The water inside the processor is controlled by a thermostat, which mixes both hot and cold water – meaning you won’t suffer from changes in temperature when other appliances are used in your home. 
Most digital showers allow you to pre programme your perfect showering temperature at just the touch of a button. Other features include touchscreen displays and colour coded displays which show water temperature. One of the most noticeable advantages of a digital shower, especially a wireless unit – is that you don’t have to get in the shower to turn the shower on. This means that you can turn the shower on while still in bed and wait until the water temperature is just right before jumping in! 

Will they work in my home? 

Digital Showers are compatible with any heating system – as long as you have a boiler or immersion heater in your home which provides your hot water.  Digital Showers work the same way as a traditional mixer, but can be installed with the processor unit hidden in loft spaces or wall cavities. Shower heads can either come from the ceiling or the wall, depending on shower model and your personal preferences.

How much do they cost? 

Depending on manufacturer and specification required, Digital Showers can cost anything from £400 upwards. Homes with low pressure systems will require pumped versions which are usually a little more than the high pressure units. We recommend either Aqualisa or Crosswater digital showers as we have installed hundreds over the years, they also have the widest range of styles on the market.