How to Keep Your Bathroom Warm During the Winter

It's slowly getting colder and colder outside now that we're approaching winter; and so too are our bathrooms! Hence, in this blog post, we've listed several points on how you can keep your bathroom warm during the winter months. In the meantime, if you require our services, you can find out more on our services page or you can also give us a call on 01474 748 352 or 07872 588 240

Keep Your Bathroom Warm During the Winter

If you're still wondering exactly how you can keep your bathroom warm during the winter, find out below, we hope you find these tips useful!

Replace the Silicon Around the Windows

You may have noticed that the silicon around your bathroom windows has faded/disappeared. Not only does this reduce the appeal of your bathroom, it can also heat to escape the room. Consider replacing the silicon around the edges of your window to contain the heat and enjoy the experience of your bathroom just that little bit more! Silicon is most likely available at your local DIY store and is usually quite inexpensive. 

Bleed Your Radiators 

Bleeding your radiators is cost efficient and one of the simplest options on this list! Simply bleeding your radiators will help them produce heat a lot more efficiently for when you're ready to enjoy a bath or shower in your bathroom. If you've replaced the silicon around the window edges and have successfully bled your radiators, then you're on the right track to a warmer bathroom! 

Install Underfloor Heating

Probably one of the more expensive options on our list, but without doubt the very best option. Underfloor heating is a modern alternative to heating the home; it is a long-term saving investment that helps you cut down on your energy bills and is also a solid investment on your bathroom if you ever consider selling your home.
We've all been there, when we leave our shower or bath and have to put our feet on the floor - It's cold! Well, this solves that problem and gently warms up your bathroom flooring as it is controlled using a thermostat or switch. Once activated, the heated cabling or heat mats beneath your flooring will begin to produce heat and warm the floor up. 

Installing The Right Ventilation 

Our final tip for keeping your bathroom warm during the winter months, is to install the right ventilation for your bathroom. Installing this will ensure that with your window closed, any unwanted moisture or bad smells will be extracted via the ventilation - all whilst retaining the heat that you want when in your bathroom.

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