5 Signs You Need a New Bathroom

Your bathroom is likely the first place you go to in the morning and the last room you go to before bed. If you dread starting/ending your day in your bathroom, it could be time to design and install your dream bathroom, especially if you have noticed any of the following five signs...

Outdated, old fashioned colour themes

Colours that look fresh out of the 70s and 80s are a clear sign you need a new bathroom fitted. While a splash of colour can be a classy and modern way to brighten up your bathroom, pastel or faded walls are never a pretty sight. The solution is white or grey scale colour themes as they can look timeless and traditional or modern and practical - something to suit all bathrooms.

Leaks below the bathroom

If dirty water stains are appearing on the ceiling below your bathroom then you need a new refurb ASAP. The quicker you sort out this problem the better and it can be easily rectified with modern fixtures.

Dull, unflattering lighting

Nothing is worse than trying to get ready in a bathroom with bad lighting- whether the lighting is too orange or takes too long to brighten. The ideal light fixtures are either side and on top of your mirror, to reduce shadows and dullness.

Not enough storage

When designing a bathroom, it can be easy to forget how important storage is. Without enough storage solutions, your bathroom will feel cluttered and messy- no matter how often you find yourself tidying it. If this applies to you, consider all possible storage solutions such as shelves, door hooks and cabinets.

You’re trying to sell your house

A brand new, modern bathroom can be a great way to draw in more potential buyers. Not only this, but it can add much needed value to your house and can be the edge your house has over others similar.

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